Friday, January 29, 2010

(: Wash Your Face, Makes You Fast

I should blog about this like few days ago, but I was too busy with some stuff,
eg: Train for marathon (it's only 2km -.-), busy photoshoping (I don't like photoshop), chinese yoyo choreograph O.O
Okay, chey, I still have some time to wash my face ;D

This was what my mom use to wash my face :O

A nearer look

Damn lot things right? ;O

And this is what happened when mix the blue powder with water? I think :)

Too bored, so took a random picture ;)

Know what's my conclusion?
Wash Your Face, Makes You Fast.
Cause I've got a medal in the marathon, woohoo ;D
Found out that lots of people use me to compare with themselves.
Eg. Jien-Vei: WTF lah! Jinwei can get the medal, and me leh?

Is that a compliment or what? -.-
Most of them thought I'm noob, but finally, I prove to them, I'm not :)

And the Hari Sukan, one of the most important event in SMKBUD4 is coming soon, well, kuning didn't make a awesome start this year, but you will never know what happen later. ;) So yea, go Yellow!

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