Sunday, February 7, 2010

(: 1 Funny Malaysia

Selamat Sejahtera dan selamat pagi, salam 1 Malaysia.

Sorry for being so patriotic in this first line
Pengetua(headmaster) said this when perhimpunan.
Well, is quite funny, you know? It shouldn't be 1 Malaysia, it should be....

Agree? Why I say this?
I was at Ikea's Popular Bookshop few days ago, and guess what I saw?

This BOOK! The cover of this book attracted me, and I decided to have a look in this book (1 Funny Malaysia)
I took some pictures from the book, to let you guys have a sneak peek! ;D

Dollah - Never mind =.=

I like this one!!! ;D *Only My tongue is racist, I'm NOT!!* haha

Everyone is innocent until joining opposition! :O

And this one is funny too! ;D Actually I don't get what is that symbol or whatever you call it.

Get what is this? :D

I love that book! Ahaha, Chinese New Year is coming soon, Valentine's too. (:

Went to CheeFai's birthday party yesterday, it was awesome! I was a lil' bit drunk yesterday, I like it (: Didn't knew that the alcohol effect is something like that :O.
Well, awesome party, and took awesome pictures too! I want the pictures!!! SEAN TEE!!! ;D
Will post about that party when I have the pictures!!!


Hui Peng said...

u drank carlsberg ?no wonder u seems quite ... yest

Hui Peng said...

u drank carlsberg ?no wonder u seems quite ... yest

Jinwei said...

Drink a bit only lah~ But i think becoz it was first time drink that lot, ;D

Hui Peng said...

owh,hahha,u seens like wuite drunk that day.haha

jfook said...


kenwooi said...

haha.. the cartoons are funny.. ISA didnt take any action to the author? =P

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