Wednesday, February 3, 2010

:( I'm not HAPPY

This is quite a good day for me, but somebody throw shit at me, hey? This is totally unfair kay?
What will you feel when everything is set and you are like an idiot still waiting for the chance?
What will you feel? :(

Why today is a good day?
-Lot's of us got into Ed Board, *is that good :X*
-Interviewed newbies that wanna be Koperasi.

Why today is a bad day?
-Interviewed newbies that wanna be Koperasi, but feel so bad.
-Somebody throw piece of shit to me.

Well, this is seriously unfair.
Told myself to chillax, well, this is what I did for Ed Board graphics project :) Hope you guys like it.

I like this ;), the splashy, techno, magical, high tech feeling! ;D AND LADY GAGA!!!

This is an easy one, but in the process of creating all this cartoons, well, not that easy. ;D Happy feeling when looking at it.

Wish someone can cheer me up now. :( Later will going to tuition, please, cheer me, I'm so down now.


Hui Peng said...

cheer up :)

Zhen Ruan says:Studbeliuticious! said...

lady gaga picture is kewl! ;D i wanna see her penis. haha.

Jinwei said...

[ZhenRuan] she don't have 1 =.=

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