Sunday, March 14, 2010

Am I crazy?

The school exams are finally over, :), there's lots of stress you know? People even study for Art, *I was one of them*. And now, time to release.

Watch Alice In Wonderland after school that day, in 2D, not satisfy, at all. I wanna watch in 3D.

I like the graphic for Alice In Wonderland, real & crazy. I like the Red Queen actually, :)

She's good eh! :D

That's all for movie, let's talk bout tuition, :D
Tomorrow, which is monday, have a *awesomeeeeeeeee* tuition at 3, and it will ends at 8, :D THIS IS A HAPPY THING, YOU KNOW?
And I still need to stress for this problem, "How to change .xcf (Gimp File) to .psd(Photoshop file), this is a frustrating problem, you know?.

Well, wish me luck for this whole week (:

and also wish me luck tomorrow,
I don't wanna rugi my $ ;P

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