Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour Busted. :/

So I've been busy bout the Malam Bakat Chinese Yoyo now, to the people who don't know what is Chinese Yoyo, it's actually call Diabolo, a traditon game. I'm kinda frustrating bout it cause I not only need to care bout the Chinese Yoyo, I also need to care bout my studies, my blog, my everything :/.

So yea. But I know I shouldn't blame it to anyone, of course, not myself too. We should be positive, ALWAYS!!! :D

So, I've created some awesome sentences/words to cheer me up

1) Doo-ga-mi (Figure out yourself)
2) I iz awesomez :D
3) There's nothing else I can say!!! :D
Wish this can cheer you guys up too! By the way, I when to One Utama last night, which is Earth Hour time, and planned to watch a movie, but guess what happened, I've no idea what happened to GSCinema Compute system, something was wrong with it :/, so my brother queue up, but waited for like 30 minutes, the line still not moving whatthephuck?!

Here's some picture I took to prove it.

The counter not doing anything

The people were waiting.
So yea, that's why my Earth Hour busted, didn't watch any movie at last.

Oh, and I saw a random thing in OneU :D

and here's a picture to prove how HUGE is it! :O

-Not related-
A sneak-peek to my NEW SHARING BLOG. Which means that Awesome-Tutorial is going self-destruct VERY SOON!!! :O And some of the awesome post will be imported to my new blog, wanna know something bout this new blog?


That's all I can tell you guys, BANANA.

1 comment:

JenKin Yat said...

u are literally celebrating Earth Hour..since everyone complains if one doesn't off lights and all i bet GSC did the right thing..LOL

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