Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tips to save the earth

27 of March. 3 days later.

Our earth is dying. Everyday. So, why we still so stubborn, keep destroying like no one's business.

I like this picture (: Nice.

Turn off the light for 1 hour, can let the people realize that earth is really important to us. But, we must always remind ourselves to save the energy, it must be done everyday. The number of humans in this land is getting bigger and bigger, so, the energy we waste will be getting more and more. We should think in another way, if everyone of us sacrifice more, the energy you will save could be incredible.
I've heard someone said bout this, if you keep on and off the switch of light, the energy you will waste will be more. So, if you are just leaving your bedroom or wherever for a few minutes, it's not worth to off the lights. But if you are leaving for more than 1 hour, you should turn off the switch, save the energy!

Some tips to save the energy:

1) Put all the dishes, fork and spoon into a basin can save more water than open the tap and wash one by one.

2)Use a cup with water after you brush your teeth.

3) Use a tong to put water for washing a car than open the tap to wash the car.

4) Save the water while you using the tap, always turn off when you're not using it.


1) Use ceilingfans instead of the air conditioner

2) Turn off lights you're not using

3) Sleep your computer when you're not using it

4) Dry your clothes under the Sun instead of putting them in the dryer!

5) Switch of television/radio while you're not using it


1) Reduce - Use less, don't waste.

2) Reuse - Items are reusable, use it again, it's not for you to use one time and throw away!

3) Recycle - Let the cycle continues, start separating your rubbish today (:


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kenwooi said...

nice tips.. but it's not easy to instill such practices in people these days.. =)

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