Thursday, March 18, 2010

Graphic Life.

It's holiday, I'm too bored, so I used some Adrian's photo and upgrade it with GIMP, I don't like photoshop :/
SO,It's time to show off some awesome graphic designs. ;D


From this...

To this ;D

What I did?
I create a new layer with radial at the center, then change the mode to BURN, so it has this black outside and high contrast feeling at the center, then used splat dots brush and shiny balls brush too ;p.


From this...

To this! ;D

What I did?
Used a texture (right bottom side), and changed the contrast & brightness + levels of this picture ;D. GOD-LIKE?


From this...

To this! ;D I love this one!

What I did?
Changed the contrast & brightness + levels of this pictures. ;) And I blurred the background, so it has this zoom feeling. See? You can compare the up one with this upgraded one.


From this.......

To this. ;D Didn't change much.

What I did?
Yeap, I didn't change much. Just change the contrast & brightness. Plus the "like." and set the opacity lower. (:

Also did some graphic art, but didn't post this image up here, so let you guys see it now ;D

Groovy, colorful, vintage ;D

Vintage, elegant

credit (pictures): Adrian Loke.

1 comment:

Dila.13 said...

Hi Jin Wei,

Nice post you got here. I think you should start your very own "How To" on graphic design (tutorials). I'm pretty sure loads of graphic loving peeps will L.O.V.E. it!

by the way, I've another site you might be interested in. it's called writer-4-hire dot net :)

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