Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would …

HAIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hehe, sorry for the OMG-ish starting.
Nuffnang going to give FREE TICKETS AGAIN! :D
I watch IP MAN 1 before, it's seriously awesome I tell you!
It's about the history when Japan conquering China, and the Kung Fu that time (:,
And how Ip Man actually defeat lots of Japan Army and so on.

And now there's FINALLY IP MAN 2!!!
Lots of people call it I-P MAN, :D it sounds nicer?

So if I am Ip Man master, and I will now show you some COOL KUNG FU MOVES :D

Before I showing you my cool moves, let me show you my master first, Chinese always say that we must think who's the one that give us today (: Oh, and compare my Master and me! :D


This is me! :D

Okay, maybe just a lil' bit alike, wait not even 1% :p
And now, prepare to feel my OMMM, feel my power, FEEL IT, BABY! :D

The Cheerleader KungFu Power! :O
Damge: 50
Accuracy 75%
Defense: 60

BOOM!!! :D The 如来神掌 , The Palm of Rulai!! :O Be afraid!
Damage: One hit you die!
Accuracy: 864863215478%
Defense: You can't even hit me.

Another palm of Rulai! :D! Call me! I will teach you how to do a Palm of Rulai :D

- 1st Prize x 1: 1 Brand New Samsung Jet Mobile Phone + A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (27 April 2010)
- 2nd Prize x 1: 1 Brand New Samsung B2100 Mobile Phone + A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (27 April 2010)
- Consolation Prize x 85: A pair of IP MAN 2 Premiere Passes (28 April 2010)

Ohman, wish me luck, I seriously wanna win this :D, IP MAN here I come! HAIYA!

GSC-EON Bank :


gracieq said...

I LoL-ed at the cheerleader picture. Great imagination there! Btw, aren't you suppose to leave your link in the Nuffnang blog?

Hui Peng said...

omg,ip man !!!!!

joegrimjow said...

nice post
too many interesting pixs

check mine here

Jinwei said...

[gracieq] :D Yeap submitted.
[joegrimjow] :D thx! Visited you awesome blog!

Seraph said...

droppin by=)

ooowh you went for the digi pimp my day? i couldnt' remember =)

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