Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

HEY HEY! Long time didn't blog already, and now I'm back :D!
Going to post bout "My Dream Destination"!
Well, I don't think until that far yet like Paris, Rome, or blah.
Why not we think small a bit, Our own country? :)

The best place in M'sia? :D
Blue, crystal clear sea?

Yes, you get it. It's


The jewel in the crown of diving in Malaysia and with good reason. Sipadan is a tiny oceanic island less than an hour from the mainland where rich currents bring food which brings fish, which brings bigger fish, which brings more and more fish, sharks and turtles. The dive sites are peppered around the island and none is more than a short speedboat ride away from the nearby dive resorts. And although they are all different they all offer one thing: lots to see!

No other spot on the surface of this planet has more marine life than Sipadan. More than 3000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in these riches of ecosystems.
Sipadan is well known for its unusually large numbers of green and hawksbill turtles which gather there to mate and nest and it is not unusual for a diver to see more than 20 turtles on each dive.

A video of Sipadan!

The macro life is equally mesmerizing; garden eels, leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimps, fire gobies and various pipe-fish are guaranteed at various dive sites. Sipadan also boasts a rich variety of corals; both soft and hard, among these Dendronephyta in delicate pastel colors and feather stars of all shades and hues. The most popular dive spot to view these is the Coral Gardens.

The diversity of the abundance of marine life found at Sipadan gives it the reputation of being one of the best dive locations in the world.

Oh man, so desperate to go there! :D, SIPADAN! The "The Best Shore Dives in the World"! :D SIPADAN, MY DREAM DESTINATION!

Project Alpha Vids! :D

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