Friday, April 16, 2010

SNSD & Ke$ha?

As you know, SNSD have a new song -"Run Devil Run"
and the thing is Ke$ha has a song call "Run Devil Run" too, when I know this, I was thinking probably both are not the same song lah. But when I listened, GEE, they are the same song.
Obviously, my curiosity lead me to Google.

And this is my research. (:

Ke$ha (the one that brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack) recorded a guide track (thereby unofficial) version, which leaked in youtube year 2008. However, SNSD’s track is the official version of this production. So Ke$ha didn't copy SNSD song! So don't SAY ANYTHING IF YOU DON'T KNOW!

And here's the video, compare them! :D SNSD VS KE$HA



After listening, it's obvious that SNSD owned. Fast & CATCHY! :D

So remember, never say anything if you don't know!


Jinx Joey said...

Does that means SNSD copy her song?? *gasp* but korean version sounds much better though. =P

Anonymous said...

SNSD!!!! :D

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