Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

A new week, :D Project Alpha post title - No Strings Attached

I should thanks to Nuff & Project Alpha first they are awesome! :D Love you guys!
Okay, now let's go back to it.
Firstly ,so why's the title "No String Attached"? :O, I was like huh? What kinda title is this, NO STRING ATTACHED? It's like no string in your relationship? No string attached to Television? (That will be damn awesome!) but when I see this:

Yeap, I totally get everything! :D

Introduce you the new W1GGY that give you affordable speed and higher usage quota, with no
and no restrictions. Now, you can have more Internet fun anywhere, with no strings attached, cause it's a portable USB :D!! COOL!

Facts bout W1GGY! :D
  1. It's only pocket size, you can put into your pocket, and bring it anywhere you want!
  2. It's FASTTTTT! I mean it! Seriously fast! The Fastest Broadband in Malaysia at 10Mbps!!! Mesti Satisfact you punya! :D
  3. It dresses up a cool and sharp design, so you won't be embarrassed while you using it in front of everyone, and they will be like OMG SO COOL! :D

Top up packages available with :
- RM20 (15days : 500MB)
- RM50 (30days : 2GB)

Wiggy is so perfect for casual fun!
Super Fast Connection
No phone line required
Plug and play
Great rates
Extended coverage
P1 proudly brings you P1 W1MAX, the service where you can surf on our high-speed wireless broadband network with the ease of a plug-and-play modem

Just insert W1GGY into your notebook and you can online anywhere you want to! :D Like your car, at the park, even when you doing your business! :D

Now what are you waiting for? Plug out the stupid lines and faster bring one to your home now! :D

Some awesome pictures!

This is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season II
Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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