Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KENNY SIA for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!


The Season 1 & Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-on-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm! So who do I think the Blogger that can win is....Look at the title of this post :D

YES, KENNY SIA! :D from kennysia.com

First of all Kenny Sia has a Fitness Center okay? He must be good in sport then only he open one right? Level Up Fitness. :D Cool right?

Secondly, he's a guy kay! Not being sexist but girls, futsal? I dont think they do sport except for Jojo! Sorry if I'm wrong but this is what I think bout the female bloggers like fourfeetnine, redmummy? Uhmm, I'm not that sure, can they play futsal? KENNY SIA, yeap!

Thirdly, Kenny got the power, you get what I mean? :D The ooze. The power. The *youknowwhatImean* right!

See? :D Xiaxue's pose? :)

And this! :D Get what I mean? He dare to do all this, so, WHAT IS FUTSAL? It's nothing to him right? He's crazy enough so this is seriously nothing to him kay.

SO KENNY SIA good luck in the competition! :D Believing you! WIN WIN WIN! :D

Project Alpha :D AT LONDON! With Niki & Xiaxue.
Episode 18!

Episode 19. :D

Episode 20.
They met Cheesie! :D One of the most famous blogger in Malaysia woohoo! CHEESE!

Episode 21. :D
Cheeserland.com can't skate?

Okay, I shall blog lesser now. Damn, EXAM JIN EXAM!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Catch the Project Alpha bloggers at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday 21 May at 7.30pm!

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