Monday, May 10, 2010

Less Blogging. Exam is coming soon :O


An awesome post need an awesome picture to start the post :) Mind to myself.

Actually I wanna blog about the birthday got alot of things to blog about that day (:
But I just can't find the fucking wire. So I'm here to announce I will blog lesser cause my Mid-Term Exam is coming soon! D:, Disaster! Wait, I mean yeah! *We should always think in a positive way right?*

So this going to be a short, :) I'm going to blog lesser like a week twice or once? :D So yeah.
Exam is coming up, here to wish everyone luck to study cause there's too much stuff to distract us like facebook, blogger, and project alpha D:, so just keep holding on.

Oh, for people that didn't know this, it's my PMR year :) Wish me luck for this Mid-Term, it's still important right? :)

Wish I'll not be like her :D


Keep Holding On // Glee Cast

I like this song, meaningful, :) So this is what recommend to you guys Keep Holding On by Glee Cast.

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kenwooi said...

all the best =)

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