Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's sexy?

Don't you think so? Honesty is almost everything. We should always be honest to everyone, even strangers, and this will become a circular chain, everyone is honest, and everyone is sexy. Because HONEST = SEXY . Right?

This one is obvious. Naked =/= Sexy . Cause mentally sexy = overall sexy . :)

So....what's your definition of sexy? *feel free to comment in this post, I'll be ultimate happy*

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ken said...

sexy has various definitions :)

Jinwei said...

:) Agree with that.

Terry Bayer said...

I think the word "sexy" has become such a vague word now. With all these comparisons to things that can't even be seen or heard, the meaning of sexiness has evolved into something that has many layers and sides. Don't get me wrong, though; I agree that honesty and clothed people are both sexy. It's just that, just like most people, it's the appearance that I see first, so it's the foremost thing that I deem as sexy.

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