Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year Christmas is awesome. :) Well, my family actually don't celebrate Christmas, so there's no Christmas tree, no Christmas present, no Christmas carol, no Christmas dinner or whatever you call that. So basically, what I meant was this year is a bit different, my family and I went to "Gold Coast" located at Perak. I was a normal beach, that's what I can say.

Anyway, we were trying to build a Christmas Tree by using sand, the sand was pretty smooth, like powder. :) I was wearing Pangkor camp 2009 shirt, awesome. (Y)

So tadaa, this is our awesome Christmas Tree. :) Pretty Awesome huh?

After the water & sand, we went to a place called Lovers Bridge (情人桥). I don't know why is it call Lovers Bridge but it's a long bridge and wind was blowing crazily, and guess it's an awesome place for couple to go? :)

Time for a poser picture. :p

The sea was pretty calm & nice.

I also bought the famous malt sweet, guess that's how they call it. Really sweet, and sticky too. Keep sticking my teeth.

There also famous of PAO! :D That shop is pretty famous, a lot famous people went there to eat their PAO.

LOVE THEIR PAO! (Y) Like orgasm.

Awesome Christmas, you?


Y E N C H E N G said...

malt sweet is ALWAYS my fav! :D

Jinwei said...

[Y E N C H E N G] Ahaha, love it, is just that it keeps sticking my teeth! <3

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