Friday, December 10, 2010

My 1st Part-Time Job #1

Well, few weeks ago, my friend (TS) & I went to OneUtama, look for our FIRST PART-TIME JOB!

I guess we actually went more than this. But I just can't remember, anyway, see the RED X
? The explanation there means it's already impossible. Most of the shop/restaurant want 16 years old & above, but well, I am still not 16. Gah...

The other without RED X means we filled in a job form. :) *but it was pretty wasting time & useless.

There's also some funny moment when we looking for job.


Mr. Sick?
Me and TS were laughing out loud when we saw that, Mr. Sick? Like seriously?
We were in a dilemma when we want to call that Mr. Sick, because are we suppose to say
"Hello? Is this Mr.Sick from Wxxx xxx?"


Funny Moment #2.

We went to the famous restaurant, Gardens. But I didn't expect the chef there actually want to interview us.... and I was pretty


When the chef asking us QUESTIONS & QUESTIONS, I was speechless...and AWKWARD...somehow. Maybe its our first time...gosh. Thinking bout that day make my heart pump faster. Geez.

Well, conclusion for that day.



We couldn't find any job.

I'm going to write

My 1st Part-Time Job#2

in my NEXT POST!


Elvin said...

so you got the job or not? kinda lost midway of ur post. hahaha. Anyway. good luck!

Jinwei said...

[Elvin]:D AHAHA, that's why I'm going to post part 2 for this! Stay tuned! ;)

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