Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thank YOU ChurpChurp! :)

Guess what?

Remember my ChurpChurp post? >> CLICK HERE
:D Yes, finally won something.
Well, maybe you will think like RM100 is like so little. But it means a lot to me, maybe more confident in joining all this random contest in this Internet world? :)
Kay, just a short post....I am going to post about my FIRST PART TIME JOB in next post, stay tuned! :B

Thank you churpchurp :)


zmah said...

Akak masih belum memahami sepenuhnya,maklumlah org lama lambat sikit...kasi penerangan sikit.

Jinwei said...

[zmah] Umm....but saya tidak tahu apa maksud zmah...:) sorry. Boleh jelaskan komenmu dgn lebih mudah?

k~^|n said...

wow..u won..congrats!!

Jinwei said...

[k~^|n] Thank you! :D

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