Sunday, November 6, 2011

BrownEyedGirls - Cleansing Cream // Weekly Kpop Review

This week let's talk about BrownEyedGirls (BEG) Cleansing Cream. After their top hit, Sixth Sense, now their Cleansing Cream. (Click here to watch Sixth Sense)

Truly, I am amazed by this video (Cleansing Cream), the song sounds quite typical with other korean slow song, but their vocal is undeniably nice. Can see that they didn't just choose for appearance but also the quality of the song, let's first talk about their video plot.

1) First, we see a blind-folded girl, at first I thought she just blind folded, but no, it represent blindness. :)

2) Then the we see a man and a woman, sleeping apart, well, I guess this represents that their love is broken.

3) Then the blind girl slowly go into their room, start touching here and there, this represents how blind our life is, especially when one's in love, he/she is blind.

4) Then I guess the blind girl and the woman live together means they are sisters. The sister saw her blind sister touching her husband, there's jealousy and anger in her. She realizes her blind sister is just like her once, how blindly in love she was and causes her now in a broken love, broken family.

5) Slowly day by day, the sister's anger and jealousy become more and more.

6) In breakfast, the blind sister is in full of ugly makeup on her face. This shows that the how messed up the other sister current life is.

7) The sister can't take it anymore, well maybe she wants to make everything back to last time, back the clean and pure love and life, she took the blind sister into the bathroom, forcing her to wash up, to wash all the memories last time when she was blindly in love.

8) She tried to kill her blind sister, maybe this represent she really angry and regret that she is currently in a broken love and want to kill all the memories back behind.

9) But at last she couldn't do it... It wouldn't change anything in her life, what is done is done.

Well, I guess this is probably the deeper meaning in this video, if I got anything wrong feel free to comment to correct me. :)

What should I review next week? :)

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