Monday, November 7, 2011

MTV EMA 2011

MTV EMA 2011 was a wonderful one. :) Well, for me.
Why? Not because all the awesome performance, not because all the crazy fashion there, not because Selena Gomez as the host for MTV EMA 2011.

It's because....


Ohyea!!!!!!! BIGBANG finally make their comeback in such glory way after the issues bout Daesung's car accident and G-dragon's marijuana (drugs) case. :) This is definitely their year, they totally deserve this award. I mean, I voted for like 100+ times. :D They deserve this so much! Anyway, rumours said that Bigbang got 58 million votes out of 158 million total votes in the whole competition. I am not sure is it true, but it's AMAZING!!!

:) No offence to Britney fans, but this is TRUE. They won, totally :) So proud.

If you haven't watch this, :) watch it now

-Okay, let's talk about other things happened at MTV EMA Award.
The fashion was crazy. Performances were awesome, what I want to mention about is GAGA. Gaga totally owned this whole stage. She was in 6 nominees and she won 4. That's insane. Incase you didn't, I am also a lil' monster (rawr.)

This time, she brought a brand new kind of fashion to us, (she also wore this kind of fashion to Oprah's farewell episode)

Love this fashion really much. :)

Her performance for her latest hit, Marry The Night
Click here for HD version! (I cant post it here because the user blocked)

Then let's talk about LMFAO, one of the most famous pop group this year I guess, with their Party Rock Anthem then their Sexy And I Know It. They are pretty crazy.
Anyhow, their performance of Party Rock Anthem was not bad, just that the voice is not what I expected. Well, autotuned...

Then, JESSIE J!!! Her performance was dabomb~ :D Totally

:D Is not about the Money~~ Price Tag.

Totally awesome night. :) This is the list of the winners for every awards. Congratulations to Lady Gaga, BIGBANG, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Bruno Mars.

:) Once again congratulations to BIGBANG :), KPOP invading the whole world.


pickmetotebeg said...

go bigbang!!!heheh

Lady said...

ikr?!?! and to see them all as 5 again is sooo precious ( T=T)~ *tears of joy*

hello! found your blog via nuffnang :D

Jinwei said...

[pickmetotebeg]: Yeah! They are awesome! :D

[Lady] December they are coming back :)

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