Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm feeling sick.

Oh man, feeling so sick today.
Couldn't sleep whole night yesterday, woke up at 12am, then 2am again, then 3am again, then 5am again. Hard night. Hard night

Even now blogging I'm really tired and no strength, gosh.
Feeling scared and worried nowadays, about my health. Tell me, why, why, why.
Probably ate wrong stuff yesterday, and a lot of stuff that causes this.
I'm person that rarely sick, but once sick, it's pain, a of it.

I want to be positive, I don't want to be a pessimist. But I realise as a left-handed, my brain is more towards the sad and angry emotion. Why I am not a right-handed? Guess that's why my parents wanted to change my writing hand when I was young, but failed. Probably born this way.

Let's be positive. Been listening K-pop these days, guess it's because K-pop brings you into a fantasy world, not like European Pop, real and pain. I love 2NE1, been listening their Ugly, although it's a negative title but it has this kind of power that give me power to stand up against life hardship.

:) Let's go, don't stop. Till then.

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