Monday, November 21, 2011

T-ARA - Cry Cry (Ver. 2 & Ballad Version) // KPOP Weekly Review

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Now back to the topic
After the dramatic Cry Cry music video by T-ara, they released 2 more version of music video, one is the fast pace one with dance, and another is the slower ballad version.

Haven't see the review bout the dramatic T-ara Cry Cry music video?

I'll first review bout their music video version 2 (with dancing)

Watch it!

The song is obviously nice and got a bit Mexico(or it is Spanish?) feeling, which is really different from their previous songs like Yayaya, Bo Peep Bo Peep.

The Cry Cry choreography is strong, powerful and catchy.

Wait, something is wrong with the English. :O
"Cry Cry, can't you see the music?"
Isn't it suppose to be "can't you HEAR the music?" Can we see music? Guess T-ara can. :)
Well, others are not bad, is well used.


The venue of the video..................BASEBALL STADIUM? Am I right? It's a baseball stadium with dark clouds on them! Gonna rain! RUN!

At the starting, it is this very holy music, which makes it very stand out! This is definitely one of my favourite part of the video. Look at the light behind! *Holy*

One of my favourite dance in this video will be the "ultimate body shaking dance"! :D Catchy and sexy

RATING FOR T-ara Cry Cry MV.2

Video: 5.5/10 (Since it is like typical K-pop video, not much to talk bout)
Dance: 7/10
Song: 8.5/10
English: 9/10

[I'm not professional in this, this is only my point of view]

Now let's move onto Ballad Version of Cry Cry

Watch it

Firstly, I want to say that I am really impress that T-ara got this idea to make 2 kind of version of music for this song. Really creative, really impressive. *Claps*
Well, this song is slow, I am not hater of slow songs, but slow songs sometimes just now my favourite. All I can say is this song is welly done. Not that bad too.


The venue of the video is only one I guess, not much change with the background which really alike with the Cry Cry music video version 2 places, but in a smaller spaces.
In the music vid 2, T-ara seems like wild and mysterious women, whereas in Ballad ver. they showed the sad and not that confident part of themselves. A BIG CONTRAST. Well, maybe not that big.


Video: 6/10 (It's simple & clean, I like)
Song: 7.5/10

T-ara did a really good job, congrats, and keep fighting :)

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