Friday, October 30, 2009


So how's your exam? Wait, I shouldn't talk about exam again! It's STUPID?
What's the use of Seni? TELL ME! You can't draw better if you study Seni.... :/
What's the use of Moral? IF you got high marks for Moral, it doesn't mean you have a good attitude
What's the use of PJK? Does it makes you RUN faster? or even JUMP higher?
What's the use of Sejarah? History is history, we should just enjoy present...NOT study sejarah that is 4238472905 years ago! Why are we wasting our time studying the PAST?

Let's forget about it,
You know Lady Gaga is re-releasing her album "The Fame"? It's call "The Fame MONSTER."
I found some awesome/stupid/crazy music video in I'll post it here :D

This one is insane, DAMN this, CRAZY siao

This is lady gaga's new song//Alejandro I actually like it a lot :)

Still got one song called Bad Romance but I won't post it here, is too...hmm..weird to accept it.

bye, I know I am so not going to be in that circus, or call it a mental hospital.

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