Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(: Camp Pangkor = Awesome

See the title, yeap, the camp was simply AWESOME :D
We laughed, We sing, We stress, We dance, We cheer, We play, We lose, We win...we..we..we.
This camp was meaningful.
Tried lots of 1st time. Seriously.

1st time go to Pangkor :X
1st time drink sea water purposely. :X
1st time play ZIP ZAP & HAND GAME :D
1st time said OH MANNN!
1st time being so stupid.
1st time tahan BOMB for 4 days :X
1st time ...
1st time ..
1st time .

Didn't expect it was that fun. Well, lots of thanks. I'll post more about Pangkor in the next post. Memorable-Pangkor (: 21/11/09 - 24/11/09

Let's post about today, went to OU, there was crowded. Cause 24 & 25 of Nov are J Card Day(Jusco) The promotion up to 70%, HOLY MOLLY.
I saw Su Wee and..................
Zhang Phong + Soo Yin! :D

We were talking about camp.
Then suddenly Sooyin said this

Sooyin: Eh, Jin Wei, why you didn't go for the camp.

Me & Zhang Phong: *stare at Sooyin*

Me: Oh Man :(

Zhang Phong: This should be OH Shit MAN!

*ps: I went for the camp
=.= sooyin, sooyin, =.=....
that's for all today :) go to facebook, more pictures of Pangkor and also videos :D!

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