Friday, November 27, 2009

(: DOM at pangkor

the camp was fun,crazy,tiring,awesome. If you didn't go, so sad, got lots of fun there :). I know some blogs already post about the camp, but I'll post it in my view :D

First Day(21/11)

We were separated in groups, o, we were Apocalypto, want to know what's that? go and watch the movie, guaranteed your nose will bleed. :p Haha, that movie is simply violent.

Group 1- Flitstone
Group 2- Tarzan (omg, i like their title :D)
Group 3- Year 1 (don't know what is this)
Group 4- Apocalypto

Sit on the bus til crazy. :D
Then went to the call what, harbour?

Oh, I see me!

Went to KFC to eat the first lunch in the whole camp :D
ps: Jian Wei used RM12+ in the first meal, siao :X

Then boot start, quite cool, enjoyed the wind blow :D

After 45 mins, we were finally at Pangkor.
the Taxi there are all in Pink wooo~~~
And yea, went to camp Raudhah,

set the tent.

After that, went to the Hall of the camp Raudhah, and blah. I've got a duno what kind of nickname is it : Akuu Tim Farlow. Sounds like Malay.
Is there pictures of flags that we drew? I want it :D

Oh, btw,
Group1- Red
Group2- Green
Group3- Blue
Group4- Purple (my group,haha, waimun don't jealous ah!)

So yea, games whole day :)

Second Day(22/11)

We have a call what slippers game, it was fun, but the thing was I used up all my energy :/.
Then we start the Amazing Race
Was fun but more tiring.



Group2+Jin+Phong(the kepo people P:)


Us+Sooyin :D

And yea, the whole game started, our 1st task damn easy? is just at the Hall :/
2nd Task, it was the fun one, suck the sea water with a straw and fill the water in a bottle :)
3rd task, this task was....stupid? :/, yea, damn sad for the other groups. We found the paper in the sand.
4th task, this one was cute, build turtle with sand :D
5th task, Sell drinks :)
6th task, find the ^&*$^&@ egg in the sand. :/, tiring, but still have some fun in the sea :)

7th task, we used FAST FORWARD(which skip kormandel), I was quite fun for me, cause I was the one that did this. the feeling of dough + fish + crabs + plants + insects(that's what xianqi said) :D, found the tiny stone.
8th task, find our own flag, it was easy but our group's flag fell down, so we used sometime on it, (we found every groups' flag, except for our one)

At the night, the Night Walk, it was fine, you can see the lights and people although I was blindfolded, the thing was "COLD", :O, when I walked down, I was like a blind guy walking to no direction, I almost walk into the small river. =.= I wasn't wearing specs.

3rd day(23/11)
Had Jungle Trekking, ultimatesupergilainsane tiring. Didn't take any pictures there, I was too fast :/ ohmannn. And kena leeches there, wooh, awesome :)

afterthat, had a telematch. :)
fun. that's what I can say.

Our group's sand tower was super tall :p

WOOH~ their dance were awesome :) GEE//SNSD

I love this pic, ;) *tears*

Fourth Day(24/11)

Missing DOMO+M --Missing Dawn Of Men, Oh MANNNN
Oh, and Happy Belated B'day to crystal yong(ohmannn) :D
Pangkor, part of my memories :)

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