Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(: Sunway Lagoon

Woke up early yesterday, I went to Sunway Lagoon.
I went there early morning, I didn't went there alone, of course, went with my Family. I changed the free tickets to wristband..5 parks.
If you don't know anything behind the scene, you will be like, WHAT? 5 parks ticket? You siao ah? damn expensive. Well, let's tell you guys what happened behind the scene.

You know the project alpha I published in my blog? Yeap, Project Alpha was a contest for bloggers. And yes, I won tickets to Sunway Lagoon (5 parks) *eyebrows*.

And tada, the tickets I won! ;p

The wristband!

Okay, let's talk what I've done there. First I ride the 360degree pirate ship, I was kinda... scared although it was my second time. Haha.

Then, we went to the WildLife Park
well, didn't took lots of pictures there, cause it was damn smelly inside.

The sad sad monkey that wanna be set free.

Sorry for the stupid reflection. this snake is GIGANTIC!

After that, go to the Water Park to have some fun. yea, played Congo Challenge, African Pythons, Cameroon Climb.

After lunch, we decided to play DRY.
So....I went to play 360degree pirate ship AGAIN. the second time a day, total the third time.
Yeap, I've scream out loud, I like scream :)

Then we went to play Tomahawk. HOLY MOLLY, I tell you. It was FAST , SUPER FAST, worse than the pirate ship. But....I like it! Try it!

Then, we went to the longest pedestrian suspension bridge measuring 428 meters. When we walked to the other end of the bridge, we saw the Flying Fox, at first, I thought it will cost $$, but not at all. So we starting to decide should we play it. But at last, I was the only one that play it *eyebrows*. To prove that, I've took an AWESOME picture of me!

I look stupid but still awesome that time.
Hey, a good experience eh.

This was what happened when I was not ready for the Flying Fox.
Btw, the worker is an Indian, but he used Chinese, kewl!
The worker: stand up *站住*
Me : *Stand at the highest point* :O
The worker: Hold it *抓住*
Me: Hold the string beside me.
The worker: Sit down *坐下*
Me: *sit down*
The worker: Sayonara *Push me out*
Me: What..what?! WOOO!@@!#!

Lol, then, I went to Lost City Of Gold (roller coaster), fast & awesome :) Btw, I ride 2 times. ;p

After that, I went to Scream was boring, but the effect was DAMN DAMN DAMN AWESOME! Go try it, seriously, I love the effect!

Then, went to Wild Wild West. Not going to write details here.

It's already 5.40pm. I still want to play, so I went to 360degree pirate ship, and play 1 more time, that means I played pirate ship 3 times per day, total 4 times in my whole life so far! :D, omg I was insane.


I was like, Hi-5!

so this will be another part of my memories. 1/12/09.
awesome 14
awesome 2009.

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