Sunday, May 9, 2010


See the title? :)
Kay, what the fuck I'm talking bout, actually I wanted to update bout how I spent my 15, but I can't find the goddamn connector :( Can't upload pictures to computer, but after I watched projectalpha bout Cheesie, she gave an awesome awesome awesome BLOGGING TIPS!

-If you don't know what you wanna blog about just blog about cute animals & pictures.
Kay, so I'm here to express myself! Whee.
First of all, blog about crazy things I did.
I joined my school's Chinese Singing Competition. Actually till now I still don't believe I actually joined. That will be one of my craziest things I did this year, 2010.
Guess what and my friends (Shir, Ming, Steph) sang that day? What chinese song we sang? You will never ever forever guess it I tell! :D


卡门 (Habanera-Carmen)
You guys should watch the "real" version first until you guys watch our performance, which is in PARODY! :D By the way this is a Chinese singing competition so we sang in Chinese.

-Real Version-
Angela GHEORGHIU - Habanera - Carmen

-PARODY version!!!-
Jin, Ming, Shir, Steph -卡门 (Habanera-Carmen)

So what you guys thing about the crazy PARODY :)

Oh man, :) Good memories. So guys, WE must do something crazy in our life, never let it just gone like this. CRAZY.PLAY.HAPPY.
Oh by the way, today is Mother's Day, well, my mom is currently outstation. But still, Happy Mother's Day to every awesome super MOM! :D

PS: I'll blog bout my b'day as soon as possible. (: CIAO

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