Thursday, May 6, 2010

Officially 15.

Well, lots of thanks I need to say today, (:
Smile, Play, Fun, Dance. :) Probably won't forget today, it's awesome. Thanks to everyone that wished me directly, or indirectly or whatever, cause you guys are all awesome today.
I know sometimes I talk quite mean, I talk so straight foward, and hurt some of your feelings. Well, forgive me. (: I don't what to say well, thanks all the wishes, laugh, prez, and all.

This year is awesome year? I don't know yet, well, it's kinda a good "starting" for this. Well, want to know who actually wished me face to face earliest today? (: Thanks Mariah. *sounds like this post is for you, BUT NOT! :D* Kay, and still thanks to everyone that wished me, want me to list it out? Kay no problemo! (:

Pei Ling
Jia Ern
Hui Peng
Hui Yien
Adrian Loke
De Quan
Yong Quan
Yan Yu
Jian Wei
Jia Tian
Zhen Ruan
Wey Yen
Ziar Xuan
Stephanie Kiew
Ming Shan
Sze Phing
Jian Mae
May Yee
Jia Hui
Yip Fay
Kelvin Lee
Ying Jun
Hui Yee
Chee Fai
Man Him
Zhen Earn
Sean Tee
Justin Fong
Zhang Phong


Just tell me if I didn't add you in, I'm not a god or what kay. Ciao.


mariah | z said...

aww :')
I can see MARIAH there :)
hahaha ;p

Beatrice~* said...

WEI!! Me leh?! I wish u in the morning wei! Hurt hurt....dun fren u anymore

Jinwei said...

:D yea lah yea lah, girrafe, you very tall meh? :D

Ohman! Added :D

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