Saturday, October 30, 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

Yes! By ChurpChurp! :D Maybe you will ask me, what is ChurpChurp?

Well, ChurpChurp is actually ultimate integrated social media solution that rewards for influencers’ updates. Churpers (us) will be briefed on the contents of updates and seeds to be propagated based on partners’ request.

That means you just help them to UPDATE by simply using your Twitter & Facebook! :D
Here's is the simple steps,

As easy as ABC, right?! :D

But wait for a minute, ChurpChurp gives you more than $$!

Isn't that totally awesome? There's no reason you shouldn't join ChurpChurp, you get $$, Entertainment, AND LOTS MORE! :D So what you waiting for? ChurpChurp is just so awesome lah! JOIN NOW!
And you will be RICH one day!!! HAHAHAHAHA! And you rule the world!

Have a Facebook account? If no, CLICK HERE!
Have a Twitter account? If no, CLICK HERE!
Have a ChurpChurp account? If no CLICK HERE!

I'm a Churper, you?


chuu said...

i just sign in as churper. can i do this on blog? asking =)

Jinwei said...

Er...I will say no actually, but u can use my concept? :)

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