Thursday, November 4, 2010

JINO'S History

Probably you will ask,

who is JINO?
what is JINO?
Is JINO a Dinosaur?
JINO's History?

Well, he's my blog famous SUPERSTAR!
I present you, JINO!!!

And yes, he's the SUPERSTAR in this blog! :D See, how handsome is him!

Now, let me talk bout his history lah!
Well, his name is JINO,
born at a Graphics Program called GIMP,
born in 1 April 2009.
Is a BOY!
He is 1+ year old.
So what is he?

First I "give birth" to him, I let him be a MAGICIAN, well, let you see.

See JINO? He's at the bottom right.
This is actually a Desktop image. :) Can see JINO's mysterious feeling? Like a Magician showing off the incredible, amazing magics that you will never figure it out.

Well, this is like another early design. Also use JINO the Magician in this picture. I actually like this very much, is like JINO doing ULTRA COOL MAGIC, and there's happiness, mysterious, curiosity in it.
Haha, sorry, I just love JINO as a Magician too much. Jino showing off his magic, convert his feelings into 7 colours of the rainbow.

Well, now let me tell you JINO's job other than a Magician!
JINO is actually a Blogger too! :D He actually promote about one TV show about Malaysia's Top Bloggers. :D

This design was on 1 May 2009. Jino is actually a student too, like me.
That time was having exam, JINO was facing serious problem, he wasn't prepare, so JINO is actually not a NERD. :)

JINO is a KUNG FU MASTER! He loves KUNG FU! Hai Ya!
This design was born on 6 of April 2010.

JINO is a REPORTER too! :D This design was designed on 3 June 2010.
He was doing a report bout the tasty Rice Crisp by Mister Potato.

Ops, he is also a good PROMOTER TOO! :D He promotes!

Nah! This proves that he can promote, this design was designed to promote ChurpChurp, Nuffnang's sister company :)

So, this is all about JINO, anyway, this is the post about JINO'S HISTORY, interesting heh?
So feel free to comment me WHAT SHOULD I MAKE JINO as, maybe a Wizard? a Flying Dragon? I don't know. :)

1 comment:

Supia Chao said...

Jino is so cute and adorable.

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