Thursday, December 1, 2011

IU - You And I // Weekly K-Pop Review

Watch this awesome 6 minutes+ video below! :D (+3 minutes credits, bloopers & extras)

I can say this is definitely my favourite song by IU, simply amazing!

Now I'll explain the plot in pictures form about this video, IU's You And I, the hidden meaning, the synopsis. :)

Then venue is actually the Grandfather's house, a very whimsical & vintage feeling. Probably her Wonderland.

Well, where's the clue that is actually her Grandfather house? Is actually the pictures hanged on the wall, one of the picture is an old man & a little girl which are her grandfather & IU.

In her grandfather house, there's this young boy (Hyun Woo) which is in slumber, and designed to wake up when IU reach 20 years old. IU currently 19 years old.

The thing is, IU can't wait till she's 20 years old, she wants him FAST FAST FAST~

There's a lot of clocks in the house, one of the most obvious is this, which counting down IU's 20 years old.

Since IU can't wait for her 20 years old, she started to create a time machine so she can quickly go to future.

She nonstop working for the time machine in the room... Keep working, NON STOP.

Then, there's a scene where IU is in a Fantasy Express, indeed fantasy (feels like Harry Potter).

In Fantasy Express, she sees her future with Hyun Woo. They are in love.

Time machine is done, but... the time reach 19.12.31....

19.12.31, which is the she reach 20 years old, which indicates....

IT'S THE DAY Hyun Woo wake up!!!

The machine started, IU is already inside the machine.

Hyun Woo wake up, he slowly walks to the time machine room... He only catch a glimpse of IU's face but IU has already gone, to the future to meet her love.

In the future, Hyun Woo went to a shop where IU is the shopkeeper, that time, they can't recognize each other at first...

But... he starting to remember, she was the girl that time....

IU's curious about him...

THE END... :)
They finally met each other...

This video indeed is nice and I really love the vintage & whimsical feeling. But the plot is just kinda too fantasy for me, but overall really good job for IU.

SONG: 8/10 (IU has a powerful vocal)
DANCE: 7.5/10 (I really love the clock dancing, really creative)
VIDEO: 8.5/10 (Really creative but a bit too whimsical for me)


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