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[Before I start the post, I need to state her that I have no offence to other fandoms. It's just my opinion, please to take it too hard]

As you know, MNet Asian Music Award (MAMA) 2011 is coming VERY VERY SOON. Which is 29 November 2011

This year, the competition for every catogaries are very fierce. Well, for me, I'm totally supporting 2NE1. The votes in MAMA 2011 by the fans has 20% for the results, whereas 80% depends on the proffesionals. Although it's only 20% but that 20% is definitely very important for everyone of them.


1) Ears, not eyes

Well, I agree that a music video can really make a song better and more famous. But the thing I disagree is you like a pop star only because of the look then to their music, well I have a friend which is like this, see face, don't see music.

For me, there's nothing like "OMG! That girl look hot! What Kpop group is she from?! I wanna listen!!!" No, and never, this never happen to me. I guess I am a person that look deeply and not just appearance.

Appearance good, music sucks, BYE BYE.

2) They really work hard, again.

This year with their hit song, I AM THE BEST

Then their cartoon music video HATE YOU

Then to their inspirational song UGLY

Then to Park Bom's powerful vocal solo DON'T CRY

Then their emotional song LONELY

Then their different side of LONELY (Japanese Version)

Then to the colourful and very powerful song GO AWAY (Japanese Version)

Last year, they released 4 music videos (which is already amazing)

This YEAR.
So basically for their mini album 2011 with 5 new songs and 1 old song (Renewed version), there is 5 freaking music video for all the new songs!!! Not forget their different version of music video for Japanese Version. :O That's fucking amazing okay! AMAZING. Can really see their hard work that's why they can achieve such good results in music industry now.

3) Undeniable stand out from others.

What so stand out bout them? A lot.
But first and foremost, I need to talk about their music style.

When they first came out, the music they brought is fresh and catchy which much elements of Hip Hop, Pop and a bit of Rock. These elements are rarely found in the girls group in KPOP industry.

Most of them are in genre of pop with cute, sexy, seductive, innocent and aegyo style in their music video. (Once again, I am not concluding all the KPOP girls group, I am just saying a lot of them, no offence to other fandoms, but feel free to comment bout my post too.) I'm not saying that these aegyo and cute style is BAD or WRONG, is just that it's not my style much for a girl group when there is 2NE1.

4) Their songs GOT MEANING!!!

I realized one thing in the KPOP girls group, which is I can't find any meaning in the song!?! (I'm not saying all of them yo!)

So let's talk about the song like The Boys by SNSD, okay so I searched the lyrics, basically it's saying bring the boys out, all the boys want their heart, they going to bring up the heat. Well, something like that, there's not much deeper meaning inside the song.
But when you compare to song by 2NE1 like Ugly.

It say
I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty, don't lie to my face cause I know I'm ugly.

For me, this is real music. Music should be inspirational, should be powerful, should be meaningful. At least a little bit.

Just like Lady Gaga, her song like Born This Way, won so many awards in EMA. Why? It's because it gives people power and the song inspire people. Inspiring and meaning of the song put at number 1, then only comes how nice the song sounds like.

So yeah, that's one of the reason I think 2NE1 should be voted.

5) Their song somehow reflects people nowadays, including myself

Why I say this? Well, in their I AM THE BEST, they showed how confident and how strong there are. But in UGLY, they showed the unconfident but the inner power that wanted to release themselves from the invisible box. Then, in LONELY, they showed people nowadays how cold we are, how lonely we are in our daily life.

It's just that they somehow reflects us, it's not fake, it's real.


So after all my long explanation... It's pointless if you guys don't vote, so....

Vote now before 25 Novemeber! Quick! NOW! NOW! :D

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