Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011

MAMA2011 was yesterday! It was definitely an awesome and wonderful night!

First let's see the winners of the night :D

- Album Of The Year
- Best Male Group Award
- Singapore's Choice (Most Popular KPOP artist in Singapore)

SNSD // Girl's Generation
- Artist Of The Year
- Best Female Group Award

- Song Of The Year (I AM THE BEST)
- Best Vocal Performance Group Award (LONELY)

Baek Ji Young
- Best Female Solo Singer Award
- Best O.S.T. (THAT WOMAN)

And a lot more awards!
(Hyuna, Beast, Huh Gak, BigBang..........)


YB Starting Performance

LANG LANG + BEAST + TroubleMaker

I can say this is one of my favourite performance of the night, so much drama inside. If you haven't watch it, here's a spoiler, the sexy HyunA float up from a red colour bed and had a sexy dance with Hyunseung.. AND BAM! They kissed!


The performance is upbeat & totally sexy by Koda Kumi! Awesome

Will.I.Am + Apl.De.Ap + CL

Performance by 3 of them (Will.I.Am + Apl.De.Ap + CL) definitely heat up the crowd! Really meaningful song & amazing :)

Jane Zhang Liang Yu

Jane Zhang Liang Yu's performance I must say was the best vocal of the night! *CLAPS!* Unbelievable voice!!!

Miss A

Miss A's performance using Kung Fu as their theme simply amazed the crowd & people in front the TV! Awesome dance, I wonder how long they trained..

Ulala Session

Their performance started with a very touching story about Ulala Session, their performance is full of power and energy which makes me very touched cause one of the members has cancer. Amazing.

Kim Hyun Joong

He dance like man? :D One word: COOL!


SNSD's performance starting with epic background effect which makes them looks like goddess. Truly saying, I don't really like it. 1st is because there's a lot of mistakes, and next is I don't really like how they make The Boys into some disco club beat which makes the whole performance feel very cramp together.

Super Junior

Super Junior's performance wasn't bad at all! It's really nice to watch(especially for girls), well, good job for them! :D


2NE1's performance starting with Lonely is simply inspiring, then to their I AM THE BEST with upbeat dance. Really good job for them and also Park Bom which was sick but still insist to sing. :D Good job (is just that I had high expectation from them due to last year's MAMA)

Dr. Dre + Snoop Dogg

DJ KOO Ending

Well, basically this is it. MAMA 2011, Music Makes One.

Happy Birthday to both my brothers. :)

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